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Chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) belongs to a genue of about 13 species of single- celled, microscopic green fresh water algae. Chlorella is a natural detoxifier. The cleansing and natural healing properties of this natural algae, help prolong life and add vitality to living. Chlorella contains 40 differents and hundreds of micro nurients. Chlorella contains double the amount of Chloroprhyll as Spirulina all in one!


Benefits of Chlorella

  • Fights off free radicals
  • Can inhibit cancer in all human organs.
  • Great for heavy metal detoxification, such as cadmium, uranium, and aluminum. It binds to these metals and helps remove them from your body.
  • A great source of caratenoids (better than synthetic beta carotene). Carotenoids help prevent heart disease.
  • Helps heart function, immune funtion, blood pressure regulation, blood sugar balance, and stroke prevention due to its high magneium content.
  • High magnesium content also aids in muscle strength, muscle relaxation, promotes mental health, relieves PMS symtoms, and reduces asthma attacks.
  • Lowers cholesterol, without the side effects of medication.
  • Heals ulcers and is known to be beneficial to other GI issues such as Crohn's Disease, Colitis and Diverticulosis.
  • Used to help curb appetite for weight loss, due to the protein content.
  • Increases stamina and energy.
  • Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, which helps overall intestinal health.



Take 1 capsule, twice a day. (60 ct.)


    Note: 100% Vegan Capsules




     *Safe during pregnancy, while nursing, and safe for children. No known drug interactions or side effects.





    This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease.