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Organic Orange Ginger Root Tea

Organic Orange Ginger Root Tea

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Our organic Orange peel and Ginger root tea blend offers a variety of health benefits including but not limited to:

  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Strong anti-inflammatory
  • Improves digestion and increased digestive fluid
  • Relief from nausea
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C, Magnesium and Folate which makes it great for cold and flu 
  • Also contains Potassium, Silicon and Manganese
  • Helps relieve congestion in the sinus cavities
  • Deters blood clots and helps to stimulate the heart
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Promotes perspiration
  • Antiseptic

*Safe during pregnancy, while nursing and is safe for children. 



This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease.